Currency exchange
Money transfer
To more than 100 countries
International phone calls
Worldwide calling
Internet and office automation
Fast and secure access
4 offices in Switzerland
Cornavin, Plainpalais, Rive & Lausanne
Internal compliance
Member of ARIF (FINMA-approved)
A network of partners
on all 5 continents
A Swiss-quality service
since 2005
 BUYING EUR/CHF 0.9880   GBP/CHF 1.1550   USD/CHF 0.9100   CAD/CHF 0.6610    SELLING EUR/CHF 0.9965   GBP/CHF 1.1850   USD/CHF 0.9210   CAD/CHF 0.6780  

The Money & Com company

Money & Com — your financial partner

Established in 2005, Money & Com is a small, family-owned, 100% Swiss SME whose philosophy is based on both a new business approach and sound fundamentals:

  • an extended range of financial and communication services;
  • some of the most competitive rates in the market;
  • fast and transparent operations, providing extended traceability;
  • increased and regularly-optimized security;
  • rigorous attention paid to compliance, where processes are checked with the utmost care;
  • a commitment to provide an unrivalled customer experience at each interaction.

Ideally located in the downtown area (Cornavin, Plainpalais and Rive in Geneva, Bel-Air / Chauderon in Lausanne), Money & Com’s four offices provide a local network for the almost 65,000 recurrent users of its services platform. Initially a regional leader in international telecommunications (telephone cards), Money & Com is constantly expanding its range of services in line with technical innovations and the growing needs of its customers: money transfer, currency exchange, Internet access, office automation, etc.

These basic services have made it possible to build up interconnections between the users and, over the years, to position the company as a key actor in the daily life of the many communities present in the Leman Arc. By allowing the unbanked population (nearly one third of the world population) to access financial services from which they had until then been excluded, Money & Com makes financial – but also social – inclusion one of its main missions. To this end, its staff regularly attend training courses to improve their practices, understand new technologies and keep abreast of the latest legal provisions.

Thanks to strategic partnerships – mainly with dozens of local institutions – Money & Com offers its customers a close-meshed network of nearly 50,000 service points in more than a hundred countries, with an increased presence in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The company strives to forge direct relations with banks in emerging countries so as to cut out the middleman, thereby lowering transaction charges and ultimately bringing diasporas closer to their families and friends.

Finally, the five main currencies of Money & Com’s exchange service (the Swiss franc, the Euro, Pound sterling, US dollar and Canadian dollar) are available immediately, in a wide range of denominations. The minimal margins and the commission-free exchange rates ensure you get the best price for your transactions: so your tourist or business trips will start under optimal conditions.