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 BUYING EUR/CHF 1.0690   GBP/CHF 1.1620   USD/CHF 0.9590   CAD/CHF 0.7090    SELLING EUR/CHF 1.1010   GBP/CHF 1.2280   USD/CHF 1.0010   CAD/CHF 0.7610  

Currency exchange offices in Geneva and Lausanne

Preferential rates from and above: Buying Selling
Euro (EUR)
1'000 CHF
1.0810 1.0920
Euro (EUR)
3'000 CHF
1.0820 1.0915
Euro (EUR)
10'000 CHF
1.0825 1.0910
Rate at 17.08.2019, 09:16 Buying Selling
Euro (EUR) 1.0690 1.1010
Pound sterling (GBP) 1.1620 1.2280
US dollar (USD) 0.9590 1.0010
Canadian dollar (CAD) 0.7090 0.7610

Money & Com offers you the best currently-available rates to conduct all your foreign-exchange transactions with the following currencies: Swiss franc, Euro, Pound sterling, US dollar and Canadian dollar. The rates displayed are liable to change at any time.

All the rates displayed on this website concern the 3 Geneva offices. Please contact us to obtain the rates of the Lausanne office.

, rate at 17.08.2019, 09:16
No commission is charged

In addition to these main currencies, Money & Com is able to buy a large number of international currencies at the Cornavin office. You can find of list of these currencies below. Please ask at the service counter for the day’s rates.

Money transfer offices in Geneva and Lausanne

Want to send or receive money?

Money & Com’s main aim is to focus on its customers to bring them nearer to their loved ones. Our process is facilitated — you simply choose the destination, the payment method and the currency. Money & Com takes care of the rest: your money will be transferred quickly and securely.

Money & Com offers you very reliable services at affordable rates. Our offices have very attractive exchange rates.

Money & Com has a wide network of partners on all five continents and in most countries, with extended coverage particularly in Africa and Latin America.

These trust-based relationships – which have been established for many years – with recognized companies and local retailers, guarantee the general framework needed for an optimal currency transfer service.

Telephone services / Internet in Geneva and Lausanne

Low-priced international calls, domestic calls and mobile Internet

As a pioneer of international telephone services in Geneva, Money & Com enables you to phone all the countries in the world – to both landlines and mobile phones – at particularly advantageous rates.

At the same time, Money & Com is an official partner of the operators Lebara and Yallo.

Internet café: Internet and office automation

The Money & Com offices provide up to 20 computer workstations connected to the Internet and equipped with the OpenOffice software suite (equivalent to MS Office: Word/Excel/PowerPoint).

Our offices are also equipped with a colour photocopying machine/printer (Cornavin) or black-and-white machines (at (Plainpalais, Rive & Lausanne) to print your train/airline tickets or any other document.